K2 Hydrographics Training Program
K2 Hydrographics Training Program

Our Price: $1,750.00

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Class Overview: Our course is a 2 day class offered on Thursday/Friday. This course is designed to adapt to our customers strengths and weaknesses. We will focus on each individuals areas as we move through the course, spending more time on the weaknesses and less time on the strengths. Please feel free to bring along any target market item and questions you may have. Tuition: The classes offered are $1,750 for the first individual and $475 for each individual after that. We have trained up to 4 people at one time and can accommodate more if advance notice is given. We do not train multiple companies at one time unless requested by the attending company. This allows us to focus more fully on our trainees. We require a 50% non refundable deposit before we book your training dates to avoid double booking or prevent “no shows”. Cash, Paypal or a check is acceptable for both the deposit and the balance so please make arrangements prior to your attendance date as to avoid complications. Location of training facility: Our facility is located at 871 W. 4th. St., Suite F, Beaumont, CA 92223. The shop is within 30 miles of the Palm Springs, CA airport. It is also centrally located within the Palm Springs vicinity to all dining, shopping and hotels. Car rental options are also readily available within the area.

Classes start at 9AM and go to around 5PM.
If you wish a mask please tell us your mask size and we will order one for you at no charge.
Please bring your activator gun if possible.
Please limit the items you bring with you for dipping to 3 items or less that can fit into a 5 gallon bucket.
K2 Forums Training Program Details
    • Interview and discuss plans and realistic goals.
    • Introduction to the Hydrographic Process.
    • How to track and process orders.
    • Basic Preparation Of Items.
    • How to break down your items into 2 groups for preparation.
    • How this explanation can get you orders and separate you from your competition.
    • 3 Basic Paint Groups.
    • How this impacts your bottom line.
    • Understanding and making reusable jigs for your parts inexpensively and how they can increase your profit.
    • Working with films and base coats to expand your processing ability and reduce your overhead.
    • Pricing jobs and understanding increased production.
    • Using your tank and films together.
    • Explanation and use of K2 Triangles.
    • How and when to adjust these to maximize your processing.
    • Rinse tanks and how to decrease rinse downtime.
    • Touch up and why most companies fail at it.
    • Exceptions to every rule theory.
    • How and when to use the X factor.
    • Clear coat tricks and secrets to use in production processing.
    • QuickBooks over view and it's effects on your business.
    • Certificate Of Completion.